Having a go at blogging again

For sometime, I have been trying to get the motivation back to do some blogging — without a success. Which seems to be a common symptom for many who turned your love of developing websites into a career.

My original blog started in 2006. Last published post is December 2018. I started off writing in both Japanese and English, then moved onto only English, then to only Japanese. I wanted to restart fresh, with English as main writing language. So I created this site, with a domain which I was not using, a year a go in January 2022. But yes, spinning up a site was as far as I got in year 2022…

WordCamp Asia is finally coming to us this month, which I am planning to attend. I felt this is a good timing to get myself to finally write a post here. Or rather, to be honest, I felt it is now or never else another year will probably pass by.